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7 Home Remedies To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer And Stronger

Eyelashes protects our eyes from any harm . Apart from that it presents facial beauty . Longer eyelashes gives this more adorable and outstanding look that every lady would like to have more specifically the natural eyelashes.

For one to have have this it comes with hard work, commitment and patients. Using this 7 tips below will make your goal to be easily achieved.

Here are the tips to make your eyelashes grow stronger and longer:

1. Use olive oil

_ Olive oil has been proved to improve the length and strength of your eyelashes. Natural home made olive oil is rich in fatty acids that act as emollients and moisturizer that soften your lashes and makes them grow stronger. You apply by dipping mascara brushes in the oil and brushing the eyelashes. After applying it for exclusively two weeks you will see the results.

2. Eyelashes growth serum

_ Use the best quality eyelashes serum to get better results. Ingredients in it determines how fast your lashes will grow.

3. Vitamin E oil

_This is the most used ingredients in most eyelashes serum. It is used to make stronger lashes and moisturize it to prevent it from easy breakage. Science has not proven it but according to many clients they have ascertained it.

4. Daily comb your eyelashes

_ Daily combing your eyelashes makes your lashes grow longer and promote growth of the lashes. Many professional beauty artist really advocate this if you want longer and stronger eyelashes.

5. Use coconut oil

_ Many ladies at the coast region are proud of coconut oil as their daily oilment. Manor of them have longer eyelashes which later was confirmed to be the effect of coconut oil. It is recommended to use the coconut oil before and after washing your face. This will protect your lashes from loosing very important protein responsible for making the eyelashes stronger and longer.

6. Biotin

_ According to scientists, deficiency of biotin has led to easy break up of hair growth eyelashes being among them. It is advisable to used oilment rich in biotin or high intake of diet rich in biotin . Other vitamins recommended are vitamin B12, Iron supplements and vitamin D.

7. Green tea

_ Green tea has some antioxidant s in it which kills bacteria and boost your health. Put some of green tea on your oil to promote faster growth on your eyelashes.

Content created and supplied by: Gladkems (via Opera News )

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