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Skin Care

7 Shaving Mistakes That Might Wreck Your Skin

Using a razor that has too many bladesEven though using a razor with 4 or 5 blades can give you the feeling of a close shave, you should know that it can damage your skin. When you shave, you cut into your skin, and using a 1 or 2-blade razor can minimize the chance of you developing razor burn.

Using a “women’s” razorMost people don't know that men’s razors have more tightly-packed blades designed to cut thick facial hair. Since men’s razors are made to navigate around the chin and neck, the head of the razor has an accurate swivel which minimizes the chances of getting cut. Apart from that, the men’s razors are much cheaper than ladies’ razors.

Shaving in the wrong directionMost people are used to moving the razor in the upward direction without knowing that they're going against the grain, which makes them more likely to cut themselves. Shaving upward can also lead to razor burn, damaged hair follicles, and ingrown hairs. Shaving your legs downward will minimize skin irritation and can protect you from razor burn.

Failing to wait enough in the showerIt’s better to save shaving for the end of your shower when your skin is warmer and your leg hair is softer. Remember that shaving when your skin is still dry or without using creams or gels may give you razor burn and itchiness.

Sharing your razor with someoneThe habit of sharing a razor is an easy way to swap germs and bacteria from one person to another. The blades can spread infections like folliculitis or fungal infection. Bacteria that cause herpes and hepatitis can also develop in the moist areas between blades.

Storing the razor in the showerWhen you store your razor in a dry place, it prevents rust and bacteria from harboring in the blades. Therefore, the best way to store your razor is to keep it upright and out in the open to allow the blades to fully dry.

You don’t change blades often enoughWhen the blades appears dull or the moisturizing strip at the top has faded, just know that it’s time to replace the razor. Shaving with old, dull blades may lead to skin irritation and razor rash. Old razors can also carry bacteria that can enter your freshly opened pores.

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