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Skin Care

Home Remedies To Lighten Up The Dark Knees.

Dark knees are not that good at all because you find the other parts of the body are bright but the knees very dark and you wonder why. Maybe you have tried applying some chemicals but they are not working, don't worry anymore because in this article am going to share with you on how to get rid of dark part of the knees using home remedies.

Use lemon and baking soda.

Lemon is mostly used to lighten up the skin and baking soda also is used for exfoliating the skin that removing dead skin and cleansing it. Combining these two can work magic to your dark knees.

Cut a half of the lemon, put s spoon of baking soda on top then use it to massage your knees for like 2 minutes. Leave to stand there for 15 minutes before you wash it out. Repeat it 3 times a week and you will see the good results.

Use of cucumber. Cucumber is rich in nutrients that are essential for removing dark spots. Using cucumber slabs can help you get rid of dark knees. Take thee slabs massage your both knees for like t minutes then wait for another 5 minutes before you wash it out. Cucumber will work magic by removing the dead cells around the knees and give you light knees.

Use of turmeric powder.

Turmeric powder is known for its strong compounds that are medicinal and effective. It can be used to get rid of dark spots since it works magic by removing dead cells from the skin and the knee is where you find dead cells are accumulated.

Take turmeric powder mix with small milk appy on your knees way for 10 minutes to dry up and be like a mask then wash it off with Luke warm water. It will help you get rid of all those dark parts on your knees.

Thank you and try these to get light knees.

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