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Customer Drama As Nairobi Woman Chases Away A Man She Invited To Offer Beauty Service For Doing This

A woman from Muthaiga Nairobi, dramatically kicked out a man from his house citing lack of respect and bad manners.

The woman had invited the man in her house ,to offer him a beautification service after coming across his advertisement online.

According to Taifa Leo,the man is a beauty therapist who is known for marketing her services online and offering a door to door service on beautification.

He received an invitation through his Facebook page to offer his service to a woman staying at Muthaiga .On the material day,he arrived at the woman's place in the evening and received a warm welcome from the lady who was alone in her house.

Nimesikia Sifa zako Nyingi,hebu Leo nione ujuzi Wako"said the lady as she unshered him in the house.

Immediately the man sprang into action of beautifying the woman's toes,and in between the action he lost her senses and startd starring at the lady's thighs inappropriately.

The lady noticed that the man was not doing his work and instead was staring at her thighs,she got aggrieved and gave him a hot slap that brought him back to her senses.

"I thought you were a respectable man with manners ,So you are a womaniser?Get out of my house"shouted the lady.

The man tried to ask for his payment,but the lady ordered him to leave immediately and threatened to call the police.

Photo used for illustration.

Source Taifa Leo.

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