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Why People Grow Grey Hair Prematurely and How to Prevent It

Most people try to dye their hair when they discover its turning grey at their tender age lacking knowledge of why it happens . Research shows that the age that a person is hair turns to grey varies from one individual to the other.Some get their first grey hair in their early twenties while others in their fifties.The approximate average age that hair should turn grey is between 30 to 35 years of age. Some of the reasons why people grow grey hair prematurely includes:


Reaserch done has determined that stress is one of the major cause of hair turning prematurely grey.Greying of hair is caused by loss of melanocytes in the hair follicle which are responsible for hair color.When one is stressed the melanocytes decreases thus leading to prematurely grey hair growth.But it is reversible once one stays away from stress.Lowering stress levels can make our hair dark again.

2.DNA and genetics

Some people inherit IRF4 Gene from their parents one responsible for turning hair grey.


One of the most dangerous substance to our health is cigarettes, because they contain alot of toxins that damage many parts of ourbodies including the hair follicles. Frequent smoking can lead to premature grey hair growth. Quite smoking and premature grey hair won't be a problem to you.

4.Deficience of some nutrients.

Taking meals with low amounts of protein, vitamin B-12, copper,iron and calcium can lead to premature grey hair growth. Vitamin B_12is one of the diet required to maintain our hair color

Measures to prevent premature grey hair growth.

1.Eat a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as walnuts and fish.

2.Avoid spending a lot of time in skin and hair damaging ultraviolet light of the sun as it destroys our hair follicles.

3.Eat meals rich in vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-6 supplements.

4.Always relax whenever you are under pressure.

With those and many others, always choose to prevent yourself from premature grey hair growth and dyeing of hair won't always help.Sometimes the grey hairs are irrevesible once they start growing.

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