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Skin Care

Is Rubbing Ice Cubes On Face Good?

Do you know that rubbing ice on your face can be very beneficial? It boosts blood circulation making the face radiant to scorching sun rays. Other benefits of rubbing ice cubes on face include;

1. Key to glowing skin- Applying ice cubes on face constricts blood vessels making more blood to circulate to the face which makes it glow, lively and radiant. It also improves blood circulation to the skin making it bright.

2. Enhances product absorption- Rubbing ice on face ensures that the skin absorbs all the products you apply to it. Ice constricts capillaries creating a pulling effect on the skin which helps in better absorption of the product.

3. Eliminates dark spots- Ice helps to get rid of any stubborn dark spots on the face. Mix rose water and cucumber juice, freeze the mixture then apply regularly.

4. Soothes acne on face- Ice helps to minimize oil production on your skin which is the main source of acne hence curing bumbs and any acne.

5. Makes your foundation look flawless- Rubbing ice cubes all over your face before applying foundation makes makeup look flawless and long lasting.

6. Softens lips- Ice cubes helps reduce inflammation on lips making them soft and hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will also keep your skin and lips hydrated.

7. Relieves sunburn- Applying ice cubes on sunburned area reduces inflammation and redness. This is only after regular application as the process is gradual.

8. Exfoliates Your skin- Application of milk ice cubes contains lactic acid that helps in clearing all the dead skin improving the skin radiance and glow ness.

9. Acts as a natural makeup- Ice cubes on the face rejuvenates face and exfoliates it leaving it glowing naturally.

10. Reduces tweezing inflammation- Tweezing eyebrows is something that is inevitable. To reduce the pain caused by the process, rub an ice cube on the area to nub the pain and reduce inflammation.

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