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Skin Care

Mayonnaise Uses You Probably Did not Know

Hair Conditioner

Because it is high in lipids and proteins, the egg yolk in mayo is naturally hydrating as well as nourishing.

Apply mayonnaise to hair as any conditioner, let stay for 20 minutes, then rinse and cleanse with a light shampoo if you can stomach it while naked and wet.

Make your home spotless.

Mayonnaise has the potential to be magical. Mayonnaise may be used to make everything from barbecue sauce to cake, and it cleans almost as well as baking soda. Fingerprints can be removed from stainless steel appliances, watermarks can be removed from wood furniture, and crayon scribbles can be removed from your child's playhouse with little mayo on a clean cloth!

Repairing the cuticles

To be honest, the nicest part of utilizing mayonnaise fat to heal cuticles while also strengthening fingernails and moistening dry skin is getting to lick your digits clean once the at-home mayonnaise treatment is complete. Mayo can also be used to soften dry, calloused feet.

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Hair Conditioner Mayonnaise


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