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Does this happen to you? See the causes and possible solutions.

Everyone who has spent some time outside on sunny day has experienced sweating. This is a normal thing but can cause a lot of embarrassment.

What mostly causes sweating is basically the body weight of a person and the distribution of sweat hormones in ones body. There are other controllable factors like how one dresses. If a person dresses in tight clothing, one is likely to sweat more. Also if one engages one self in a lot of physical activities, the person will have more chances of sweating as compared to another who does not engage in physical activities.

Sweating can also occur due to other reasons such as stress and fear. If the brain perceive a sense of danger or you are stressed, it trigger the stress hormones with include adrenaline. This causes the heart to pump blood faster into the muscles and hence you will tend to sweat a lot.

sweating does not cause any health risk but can cause skin irritation. Although not treatable it can be controlled by doing the following.

Wear moisturizing clothes that allow for air flow and that can absorb sweat to prevent skin irritation. We should embrace cotton rather than the other materials.

One should also apply starch powder absorb sweat. Another important thing is that one should change clothes more often.when one realises that s/he has

sweat one should endeavor to wipe the sweat and avoid skin irritation.

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