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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spot Naturally In Few Days

Beauty is what most people admires and its so embarrassing when you have darkish spot on your face. Most people have tried to get rid of it by spending so much money in buying lotion sincerely to lighten their skin. In this article I will help you to know how to take away darkish spot on your face and lighten your pores and skin just by the utilization of potatoes.

Potatoes has been known by most people as edible with high nutrients value. Potatoes are rich in enzymes referred to as Catecholate which helps to lighten pores, skin and get rid of darkish spots. Potatoes are also rich in anti aging compounds which can help to exfoliate your skin.

Here are some strategies on how to utilize potatoes to get rid of Dark spot.


Fresh Potatoes



Wash the potatoes in the preceding then peel them off and slice them.

Pour the sliced potatoes into the blender and add one and half cup of water into the blender and mix them them well.

Pour out the blended potatoes in a bowl and sieve out the potatoes juice into a cup.

It is geared up for use.

How To Use

Clean your face and dry using face towel.

Use a cotton pan, dip into the juice in the bowl and apply it on your face and the rest of your body. Leave it for ten minutes then wash the mask off with lukewarm water.

Repeat it again twice a day and you will get the results as it is a great remedy to get rid of dark spot.

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Fresh Potatoes


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