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The Saddest Story I Have Read on The Internet Today.

Model Hang Mioku was obsessed with silicone infusions because she needed 'delicate' skin. She had her first system at age 28 shortly before moving to Japan to complete her vocation.

There, she had rehashed medicines. She immediately set about having smoother, unlined skin.

Long-term specialists would no longer complete work on many faces that turned out to be visibly elongated.

Miroku bought a huge jug of silicone from the underground market and self-infused it in her face and when it ran out she was dependent on using cooking oil. This was the result:

The deformation was lasting. Her face was changed so much that her own parents didn't notice her. She turned into a monstrosity show in her old Korean neighborhood and was watched and followed wherever she went. Young people nearby called her a 'standing fan' as her swollen face was currently excessively huge for her tiny body.

Her situation was broadcast on Korean TV and viewers donated thousands of pounds to pay for a restorative medical procedure. In the first of 10 tasks, specialists removed 60g of silicone, oil, and other foreign substances from her face and 200g from her neck.

Nonetheless, Miroku is still deformed and she says she wishes she could get her old face back.

The previous model is currently working at a recycled clothing store, called The Beautiful Shop, and receiving gifts from the state.

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