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Mistakes poultry farmers make in cross breeding of Indigenous and commercial breed. Learn the tricks

Mistakes poultry farmers make in cross breeding of Indigenous and commercial breed hens. Every farmer should know this trick

Indigenous chickens are also known as kienyeji chickens. Their feathers have a mixture of colors blended with very beautiful patterns. Commercial chickens or foreign beeds are better known by locals as kuku wa grade. Their feathers have one color such as white, red or brown dominating all over their body.

The two types are the most common among many farmers. However, some farmers will prefer indigenous type for the following reasons:-

1. Indigenous chickens can be kept as free range chickens as well as kept in backyard systems. This is because they can look for their own food in the woods in a free range system. Commercial chickens on the other hand depends on the farmer to buy feeds for them which makes them expensive according to many farmers.

However, indigenous type can also be kept in the backyard system when there is a serious outbreak of diseases. This is because the farmer needs to monitor them and stop the disease from spreading to healthy chickens.

2. Indigenous chickens are disease resistant. This is because they breath fresh air as they move from one place to another looking for food. This reduces infections unlike in backyard commercial system where diseases spread quickly inside a closed space. This makes commercial breeds to depend totally on vaccinations which are very expensive. The indigenous type on the other hand can eat and drink herbs from the woods and resist diseases on their own.

3. Indigenous chickens have the ability to lay eggs, sit on them and hatch chicks and later look after them till they are mature to look after themselves. Commercial chickens on the other hand can only be used for egg laying and meat purposes and not for hatching. However, as a farmer I have used commercial chickens even for production of eggs and hatching purposes which I will share with you.

But before that I will tell you for free that you need to have a good number of commercial chickens for egg production. This is because they can lay twice within 24 hours if properly fed because the more they feed then the more they lay eggs. However, the idea of laying twice in a day has also been linked to presence of light by many farmers. This is because the electric light during the night confuses them that it is still daytime so they continue laying more eggs.

The trick farmers need to know while cross breeding is that they need to carefully select a good breed of an indigenous rooster.

This is because a good breed will ensure the farmer gets good chicks that will show good characters such as:-

1. Being resistant to diseases.

3. The chicks will also consume less feeds unlike if they were pure commercial breeds.

4. The chicks will be used for egg laying, meat and hatching purposes. They can also be sold to earn the farmer some good money.

Cross breeding in chicken is the practice of using two different types of chickens to produce chicks.

This is because farmers believe cross breeds bring strong and disease resistant chickens.

During cross breeding a farmer should put an indigenous rooster or roosters inside a house with commercial breed hens. This is to enable the two breeds mix and mate to produce eggs. However, a farmer should avoid using the same rooster for cross breeding many times as this might not bring good results. The farmer should choose from a variety of quality roosters that will be used each time in alternating the males for a successful and quality results.

The eggs laid should be stored in a safe place and used for hatching purposes with hens that show broody behaviors. Checkout my previous articles on how to choose a good brooder.

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