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The Only Tiny Animals That Scares The Elephant Away And Even Run For Safety

Elephants are very large and big and they are feared by many animals and even people due to its huge body. Elephants might kill a person if you come in contact with it so if you see elephants from a far just escape before it's too late.

Elephants are big yes and you may think that the elephant is afraid of the other big animals like the rhino, buffalo or giraffe but that's not true. Not even the lion can scare away the elephant unless they come in large numbers. Even so, it is never easy to bring down an elephant unless it is a calf. Not even two rhinos or the mice, as some fables would tell.

Despite the elephants large and big body their is one thing that scares them and this are the Bees.Any time a bee buzzes around an elephant's ears or trunk, that will make them get scares. No elephant would tolerate the presence of a buzzing bee around their ears. In most cases, you will see them flap their ears as if to get rid of the stubborn insect. They may also run away because that motion helps them avoid the bee or bees.

For this reason some those communities living in places that are elephant territories have adopted this method to scare away the elephants. This is because the elephants at times encroach into human land hence destroying crops and even killing some people.

So when you have bees around your land you can scare it with them and they will get afraid and run away by using beehives as shields to prevent elephants’ attack by hanging beehives around the boundary fence. Elephants will not bother them anymore.

By doing this they will never destroy your crops and other farm products.

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