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Here Is Why You Should Give Newly Hatched Chicks Sugar Solution Immediately After They Hatch

Newly hatched chicks are very prone to sickness and they do die so easily. They are fragile and the mortality rate will be high if not taken care of well. Taking care of chicks is not a easy task it needs keenness and alot of commitment.

There is simple trick of giving a normal sugar to your chicks to avoid high date rate and to prevent them from getting infection since when hatched their immunity is too low to fight diseases. Sugar solution can give you the best results ever when rearing chicken. If you have never tried it you can do so.

Sugar serves as energy giver to your chicks. When they are hatches they seem to be weak and stressed, so make a solution of sugar and give the chicks some few drops to boost their energy level and make them strong.

Sugar will strengthen their bones and their immunity since sugar also acts like antibacterial. It will help fight infections the chicks leaving them in a good healthy and strong. Sugar might also act like an antibiotic to the chicke that will help then fight respiratory problems that is the most disease killer in chicks.

If you have newly hatched chicks do not be worried on how to make them not die, just use the sugar solution to prevent all the infections, viruses and bacterias that might attack your chicks. Take your normal sugar a spoonful of it mix with water and give it to your chicks that's you drop some few drops orally to swallow it.

Sugar also will make them grow very fast with alot of energy since the sugar in an energy giver. You can also give the sugar solution to the old chicken by putting it in their drinking water to boost their energy and help fight infections too.

Do not allow your chicks to die when you have a solution. Thank you and follow for more information.

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