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The Largest Banana Trees in The World With Gigantic Fruits

With the best conditions for growth, bananas have the ability to really grow massive. These tropical fruits are varied in size and types. There are also those which have been domesticated and the wild ones which grow on their own in jungles. The jungle ones can grow big as they compete with trees for the much needed sunlight. The domesticated bananas have been genetically altered to produce a desirable outcome like high yield.

The tallest banana trees ever recorded grew in the jungles of the East indies Islands. The trees are so huge that they tower over other trees as they compete for the canopy. Their fruits are also big as well. An average adult cannot complete eating a single ripe banana from these giants of the East Indies.

It is still not known whether planting these Gigantic bananas in other geographical areas will make them grow massive as they grow in their natural habitat.

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