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It is a Sign of Good Luck, Says Family After a Big Snake Visits Their Home

The family of one snake master whose grave was visited by a large python has said that the visit by the snake was a good sign.

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According to them, he appearance of the python was a form of appreciation and respect to the old man for the care and protection he offered to the snake when he was still alive

The residents of Kambi Samaki in Baringo County were shocked, after the python was found in the house of its handler who died and was buried last week. Thee family of the late snake master believe the return of the reptile is a sign of good luck.

The huge python made its way to his home to his final resting place as though it was paying tribute to its famous master. So focused was the reptile that it wasn't rattled by the crowd.

The master would catch the snakes, milk their venom and showcase the reptiles to tourist who would frequent Lake Baringo on several occasions. The snake master was bitten by the reptiles that he handled many times.

His family have taken after his footsteps with his wife treating the victims of snake bites and his two sons handling, the snakes.

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