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Facts About Cockroaches You Never Knew of

It's a common thing to see cockroaches hunting for food remains in the house mostly during night hours. These insects have a good sense of smell and can detect anywhere your food has been kept. After a little study, i have come up with this article which i believe can be of help to you. Here are some hidden facts about cockroaches which have been proven by science, check out below;

1. These tiny insects can survive for weeks without water and a month without food.

2.To shock you more, it can survive for 1 week without it's head.

3. They can hide in your house for more than 2 years without being detected.

4. Some more shocking facts, they can poison your food by spreading bacteria on it without you knowing.

5.They vomit on the food and defecate on it.

Remember that they can eat anything from food particles, sweets to even books. For more informative articles, please follow us.

Content created and supplied by: BenDanish (via Opera News )


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