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Why This Photo Sparked Controversy Among Kenyans

A photo shared by the Kenya Tourism Board for the purposes of marketing has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyan netizens. The photo which was later tweeted by a user by the name Abdullahi Halakhe made rounds in the twitter space as people gave their different opinions.

The recurring theme which many Kenyans have noticed is inequality. Kenyans are wondering why the driver in the photo has not been invited to eat and is left in the vehicle while the tourists are celebrating.

Some Kenyans said there was nothing wrong with the photo unless one wants to tell waiters and chefs to join them when eating in a restaurant.

Other Kenyans saw a totally different angle of the photo. They noticed that the driver in the photo had both his hands on the wheel and he was facing ahead which probably meant he was moving.

Another suggestion made by Kenyans was that the driver was invited to join the tourists but simply declined the offer as it would be awkward.

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