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PHOTOS: The Animal That Never Dies But Lives Forever By Cheating Death

Did you know that there exists an animal that never dies but surprisingly lives forever by cheating death by reversing its aging process? If no, then this article has all you need to know about this immortal animal. This is in contrary with reports that have it that any animal living will at some day due.

Reports by the National Geographic have it that this immortal animal actually exists and lives in tropic waters and it is identified as Turritopsis dohrnii alias immortal jellyfish.

The National Geographic discloses that the immortal Turritopsis dohrnii does not have brains making it really not aware if it is living or not. In addition, incase the immortal Jellyfish is at its deathbed or seriously injured, it reverses its aging process and returns to its polyp stage in a period of three days. Here, the immortal Jellyfish's cells are transformed and it gets back to its younger state thus eventually growing into adulthood once again.

However, Turritopsis dohrnii is only biologically immortal meaning that it can die at unavoidable circumstances for example in the case where it is eaten by predators.

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