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The Bird Whose Chick Takes 1 Year To Grow Before It Can Fly

The universe has different types of birds all of which have varying characters. The Albatross is one of the bird species. It is a seabird found in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific.

The bird raises a single chick and you will be surprised how long it takes for the chick to grow. The chick stays in the nest for a whole year growing before it can take it first flight. During this time, it depends entirely on its parents for food. Albatrosses are dependent on the sea for food.

The chick waits in the nest for days and at times weeks before the parents come back with food. A mature albatross can weigh up to 7 KGS. The wingspan ranges from 2.9m - 3.3m. The bird has a lifespan of between 12 to 40 years.

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