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Wonderful Creation Of God where Two Oceans Meet But Water Do Not Mix.

Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean meet at gulf of Alaska but the water do not mix. This is a very wonderful phenomenon, which is not very common. Water normally mix evenly in most cases when mixed together.

The truth is that two oceans do not meet, but its glacial melt water meet the off shore waters of gulf of Alaska. The reason for this strange phenomenon is due to, the difference of water density, temperature and salinity of the glacial melt water and off shore waters of gulf of Alaska, making it difficult to mix.

The same phenomenon is seen in Kenya in Nanyuki, where two Rivers meet but their water do not mix.The two Rivers are river Timau and river sirimoni. River sagana and river Tana also meet but don't mix.

Such phenomenon is extra ordinary and can be tourist attraction sites in our country. River Timau and sirimoni in Nanyuki meet,but their water do not mix because of the difference in their salinity and density.

Have you ever seen such a phenomenon ? Please share in the comments section.

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