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One Unique Thing About A Snail You Never Knew

A land snail is any of the numerous species of snail that live on land, as opposed to the sea snails and freshwater snails. Land snail is the common name for terrestrial gastropod mollusks that have shells. However, it is not always easy to say which species are terrestrial, because some are more or less amphibious between land and fresh water, and others are relatively amphibious between land and salt water.

Some hours through the Kameme TV official page have enlightened their followers about one unique thing about snails they never knew. According to them they said that a snail can sleep for three continuous years without waking up. This left many Kenyans wondering how this one is possible and they ended up doing their google search and they come in agreement with them.

According to you Kenyans did you know about this or you have heard it for the first time? Let's meet in the comments section and talk about this.

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