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Stop Throwing Away Waste Plastic Buckets And See How You Can Earn Good Money From Them

We use plastic products for various purposes. These include holding liquids like water, oil, paints etc. A day can't pass without touching a plastic material. These plastic products include jerricans, buckets, bottles, basins just to name a few.

In our everyday life, we have witnessed these plastic materials littering our roads, streets, water bodies, school compounds, our homes and many other places. This is due to haphazard disposal of these plastic products. Improper dumping of plastic materials have detrimental consequences on our environment. They cause severe air, soil and water pollution.

This article discusses how we can use waste plastic buckets to produce food, generate income and also to help in addressing environmental degradation as a global issue.

Plastic buckets can be recycled to make miniature backyard gardens where different types of crops can be grown. Below is the procedure for making a backyard garden using waste plastic buckets.

1. Collect your waste plastic buckets together.

2. Clean them to remove any foreign debris from them. Cleaning plastic buckets also makes them to be pathogen free.

3. Fill your buckets with soil mixed with either organic or inorganic fertilizer.

4. Plant your seedlings of choice into the buckets and irrigate them adequately to prevent wilting.

5. Begin controlling weeds and pests in your backyard garden after two weeks. Topdressing should also be done after two weeks to promote luxurious growth of the crops.

This method helps in mitigating global warming and other related environmental concerns. It also enables an individual to earn income through sales of vegetables and fruits.

Content created and supplied by: @Onyango (via Opera News )


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