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Here is The Natural Way To Do Away With Insects and Snakes Instantly

How do you feel when your house is full of small insects left and right from houseflies to mosquitoes? Sounds hectic to either cook a special meal or sleep comfortably. Houseflies may increase the spread of cholera while mosquitoes will make you sick instantly because they spread malaria. That's why we honestly can't live with them around us. You don't have to buy poisonus insecticides, here is the natural way to do away with snakes, earthworms, ants etc;

Requirements: Small container, Kerosine, salt, detergent.


1.Get a small container, should not be too big or small.

2. Pour the kerosine and detergent of your choice into the container.

3. Add salt of around 3-4 tablespoons.

4. Share or stir the mixture until it's well mixed.

That's all you need. Apply it around the hidden places to either kill or scare them away. For snakes, spray it around the compound and they will be all gone. If you loved the article, share and comment below.

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