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How To Kill Bats Lurking In Your Household

Bats can be really frustrating at times. They are mostly found in rural areas. Apart from pesticides, here other ways to kill a bat that have been proven effective.

Use garlic powder and spray or sprinkle them on walls and nearby trees or whatever bat hotspot you may find. Garlic powder is a reagent test that can repel mice, mosquitos and bats too. Try it.

Use owls, there are bat predators out there but the best predator are owls, they hunt bats and mice so, try hard and get yourself an owl. Tame it and it will be effective in killing these annoying bats.

There are blood sucking bats known as vampires. They are known for sucking animal blood. Not the legendary Dracula that you know of. Vampire bats mainly target cattles, not humans, so use an anti-bat spray on all your animals.

Bats can see in the dark. Don't kill it during that time because it can sense your smell, sight and everything. You better kill it during the daytime because they can't see during the day.

Do you know bats can be killed with their own poop? They are acidic so, cheza kama wewe.


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