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Artificial Brooding and How One Can Produce Many Chicks at a Time

Brooding refers to the practice of reading chicks. There are many methods of breeding which includes,Natural brooding,Artificial brooding.

In our country there are many sources of chicks which are acquired through artificial brooding and includes,Muguku poultry farm in Kikuyu,lake chicks hatcheries kisumu,kenchicks poultry hatcheries Athiriver, Sigma supplies Nairobi's.

In this method the chicks are kept in structure in which all the requirements are provided artificially. This structure is called a brooder. The chicks remains in the brooder for six to eight weeks after hatching . One should consider the following factors for effectiveness in the brooder. They included Temperature. Should be maintained at 37.5 to 39.4 degrees. Different incubators use different sources of heat like electricity,kerosene and gas. Ventilation. Fresh air circulation is required for the benefit of embryo development. Ventilation facilitates gaseous exchange and helps to control humidity.

Relative humidity . Should be maintained at 60%. If too low the embryo may die due to low moisture.

The main advantage with artificial breeding is that many chicks can be hatched at a time. It is possible to plan when to hatch the chicks. Incubation is ready when required and on transmission of diseases and parasites.

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