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Diagramatic Types Of Snakes You Can Keep As A Pet at Home.

Many people fear snakes due to negative stories they have heard from other people, books or movies. Biblically, they are dangerous and are enemy number one of human beings. There are more than one thousand species but few are dangerous. Those that are harmless cab be kept as pets and live in harmony with human beings.

They are used to scare away rodents, insects, mice and other dangerous snakes. They feed on them thus maintaining ecological systems by keeping their population on check. You will not find rats in a house where snakes live thus your valuables, food or clothes would not be destroyed.

They good source of nutrients to human body. Most Asian countries make delicacies from snakes meat. It provide protein and fats which is good development of body.

All species have its unique colour, size, shape and colour pattern. You can keep any of them depending on your preferences.

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