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Not Migingo Island, Meet This Island On Lake Victoria Which Produces More Fish (Photos).

Fishing is the main economic activity carried out in Lake Victoria. The lake has more than 300 fishing islands. Most of the fishermen use traditional boats and engine boats for fishing activities. The fish caught are either directly sold to consumers or taken to the factories for processing. Fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which enhances brain capacity. For many years, many people have thought that Migingo island located in the boarder of Kenya and Uganda is the super supplier of fish. This is not true as there is also a small island in Lake Victoria that produces more fish than Migingo. Below is the island.

Maboko Island.

It is a small island lying in the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria in Nyanza region of Kenya. Maboko island measures approximately 1.8km long and 1km wide. This is the island where Camp Town Luxury Resort is located.

Maboko island has many indented coastlines with large number of phytoplankton and zooplankton, these conditions are ideal for growth and breeding of fish. This makes Maboko island to be among the islands considered as super suppliers of fish in Lake Victoria.

Apart from supplying fish, Maboko island is also an important Middle Miocene paleontological site with fossiliferous deposits that were discovered in the 1930s.

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