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Stray Wolf Terrorize Villagers In Bomet, Kills Sheep

Residents of Mogogosiek and it's environs in Bomet county are counting huge loses after a wild animal attacked on their farm animals killing several of them.

The stray animal believed to be a wolf due to its nature of the attack left, attacked on a flock of sheep while grazing and killed 4 of them.

According to the owner Mr.Philioh Yegon, he was shocked to see several of his sheep lying down lifeless when he had gone to collect them from the field.

This is the second time in the last one week that the animal has terrorized the village, attacking their animals and causing fear.

The residents are living in great fear of being attacked by the wild animal. They noe demand that the government takes immediate action to avert further loses.

The residents are calling on the Kenya Wildlife Services to immediately commence search operation to locate and evacuate the animal.

The area boarders widely with the expansive Mau forest where it is widely believed that the animal originated from.

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