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Main Reason Why Lake Victoria Boats Are Named After Women

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake in Kenya as well as in East Africa. The lake acts as source of livelihood of many Kenyans more especially to those living by the lakeside regions. However there is a unique culture of naming boats and other fishing vessels in the lake. When you keenly observe the naming, the majority of these vessels take women names.

Therefore according to research done, the boats are named after women because women are believed to be caregivers. They therefore name their boats after their grandmothers,mothers, sisters and aunts. They also believe that naming your boat after a person who did good to you is more advantageous as it will minimise accidents, they tie misfortunes to wrong naming of these fishing vessels.

Low fish catch is also attributed to wrong naming. Besides women are seen to be responsible beings thus naming a boat after your wife, sister mother or grandmother is a good luck and ensures you get a good catch.

In addition, some fishermen also chooses to name their boats from other names such as heroes and religion. Thus other boats are named after people like Agwambo, Lwanda Magere, Emmanuel, Jehovah Jireh among others, although very rare. Having said that below are some of the pictures of fishing vessels in Lake Victoria;


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