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The Reasons Why Lions Look Angry When Mating.

Reproduction is a continuity of making new species in living things. Like animals reproduce and it's nature there is nothing we can do and how they do it is also nature. Therefore, animals mate in order to give rise to offspring. When it comes to mating, even the king of the jungle is not left out. But what drives the attention of most people and even other animals is the way the lions mate. Have you ever wondered why lions look so angry while mating?

Some people think otherwise but the main reason behind all this growling and fierce looking is because the male lion is trying to avoid biting the lioness's neck skin or ears. It is nature for the lion to bite the lioness, but he tries as much not to rip off her skin as he needs her alive and healthy to sire his cubs.

The other major reason behind this growling is that the lion’s thing full of spines. Does it sound wired? But these penile spines of lions are known to be useful in the raking of lioness wall which triggers ovulation hence leading to potential birth of cubs.

Did you know that the lion and the lioness mates like 50 to 100 times before they conceive and give birth to the cubs.

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