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Why Israel is Not Part of Africa Yet it Sits on African Plate.

This doesn’t make much sense , why would Israel be part of Madagascar? , Madagascar is hundreds of kilometers away from Israel and they are separated by sea .p

As you can see , Israel is definitely not a part of Madagascar. As for Israel being part of Africa , its part of Asia not Africa , while its technically true that Israel is part of the African Plate , this doesn’t automatically make it part of Africa.

As you can see Israel (Along with other parts of Western Asia) all sit on the African Plate , However by this case you would have to say that a good chunk of Morocco is part of Europe/Eurasia . In addition you would also have to say that a good chunk of Japan and half of Iceland is part of North America because parts of Japan (And other parts of Asia) and Iceland are part of the North American Plate , you would also have to say India is a separate continent from the rest of Asia and that Hawaii is its own continent and many other land masses become continents .

For a big part of the world, America is a single continent that equals the New World (just like Waldsemuller considered when he effectively created the name AMERICA a few years after Amerigo Vespucci explored the southern coast of the continent, mostly Brazil and Argentine coasts) and Europeans came to consider it a new continent, and not Asia, as Columbus thought.

Anyway, the old World continental model was created by the Greeks. East of the Mediterranean and Black Sea was ASIA.

South of the Mediterranean was Africa. North of the Mediterranean was Europa.

The division of Africa and Asia was Suez.

The division of Europa and Asia was never well decided even in Antiquity. The Greeks did not need such well thought division, because the lands north of the Black Sea were barbarian lands, not well explored.

What mattered to them was to have a good relative name for the landmasses around Greece.

Practically speaking, Israel historically has far more ties to Mesopotamia and the Levant (Lebanon to Greece) than it does to north Africa (although there are SOME ties that direction), and has few or no cultural or historical ties to most of sub-Saharan Africa. So the cultural and historical ties weigh the border decision over toward the Suez Canal option.

So Israel is located in Asia since the term Asia was created, some 2500 or more years ago.

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