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Top 5 Biggest Trees Ever On Planet Earth.

Trees makes environment so confuseve and friendly. But cutting of trees is an activity that should not be encouraged. Since natural trees which has stayed many years growing until they become so big and huge are destroyed. Today I am going to share with you some of the biggest trees on Earth.

1. The Hyperion.

Hyperion is a coast redwood that measured at 115.85m, which Ranks it as the world's tallest known living tree. Hyperion was discovered on August 25, 2006, by naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. The tree was found in a remote area of redwood national and state parks in 1978. It is estimated to have 530 m 3 of wood. The tree is 115.55 meters tall which was verified by Stephen sillett. Sillett estimates Hyperion to be 600 years old, while other report it to be roughly 700-800 years old. The tree's top has been damaged by a woodpecker and that is why it has stopped growing taller.

2. Tane Mahuta.

Tane Mahuta is also called the God of the forest. It is a giant Kauri tree, in waipoua forest of Northland region, new Zealand. This tree is known to be at least 2500 years old and is the largest Kauri trees standing today. The name of the tree is Maori, which means Lord of the woods. The Girth of the tree is 15.44 meters and the trunk height is 17.8 meters. The total volume of the tree is 255.5 m 3 and the total height of the tree is 45.2.

3. Arbol Del Tule Tree.

El Arbol Del Tule is a tree located in the church grounds in the town center of santa Maria Del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, Approximately 9 km East of the city of Oaxaca on the Road to mitla. It has the stautest tree Trunk in the world. In 2001, it was placed on a UNESCO Tentative list of world heritage sites. It's trunk has a circumference of 42 meters, Equatina to a diameter of 14 meters. Height is difficult to measure due to the very broad crown, but it was measured by laser and it was 35.4 meters. The tree was initially thought to be many trees in one because it is so large, but it is a single tree. The age is unknown, with estimates ranging between 1,200 and 3,000 yrs, and even one claims of it being 6,000 years old.

4. Grogan's fault.

The grogan's fault is the largest known living coast redwood. It was found in redwood national park in 2014 by Chris Atkins and Mario Vaden. The total volume of the tree trunk is 86 feet's around beating. The tree is estimated to contain 34,914 cubic feet of wood volume and is supposed to be the world's fifth largest coast redwood in terms of wood volume.

5. General Sherman.

General Sherman is a giant Sequoia tree located in the giant forest of Sequoia national Park in Tulare county in the US state of California. It is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth. It is estimated to be around 2,300 to 3,700 years old. General Sherman was named after the American civil war general William Tecumseh Sherman. With a height of 83.8 meters and a diameter of 7.7m it has an estimated volume of 1487 m3 and an estimated volume of 1487 m3 an estimated age of 2,300- 2,700 years. It is nevertheless among the tallest widest and longest lived of Al trees on the planet.

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