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Benjamin Langat Goes Viral For Involving Himself In Game Hunting For Fun.

Benjamin Langat, Kenyan ambassador to Namibia who has caused a star on the internet(I/C).

Benjamin Langat, who is the Kenyan ambassador to Namibia has caused a star on the internet after pausing with a game animal and gun after a successful hunt he had participated in. According to Kenya, game hunting is considered an illegal activity and mostly when it's done for fun.

According to the people who have spoken, and mostly from his community, men are supposed to protect the wild animals and not harm them for fun especially when it's the less harmful ones. They have suggested that he should return home to be cleansed over attracting a bad omen in regards to the customs of the Kalenjin tribe where he is born in. On the other hand, some have defended him saying that he was doing what is not against the law as per the laws of the country he is inn.

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