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Six strange animals

There are several animals in the world. Most of them are common and famous to many people. There are some animals that can not be seen easily. Some are quite unique that you may wonder if they really exist. Here are some animals that are quite unique.Proboscis monkey. It is found in the rain forest of Borneo. The proboscis monkey is unique because of its long nose.

Blobfish. It is a deep sea fish. It is found in the deep seas of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. They live at depths between 600 and 1200m.

Aye-aye. It is a long fingered primate. It is majorly found in Madagascar. Aye-aye is the world's largest nocturnal primate.

Thorny devil. It is commonly known as the mountain devil, thorny lizard and moloch. Thorny devil is mostly found in Australia. They grow up to a length of 21cm. The females are always larger than the males.

Red-lipped batfish. The red lipped batfish is also known as Galapagos batfish. It is found around the Galapagos island. It is always found at a depth of 3 to 7m.

Sparklemuffin. It is found in Australia. It is also known as the Australian peacock spider. It was discovered in the woodland forest of Wondul.

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