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Lonely Home Abandoned For More than 100 years that no man claims

Alot of Research been done and theories created on this lonely white house beside the green hills of Elidai found in the isolated island in the Iceland. However, the reality extracted from the sun is that their was a family which lived there more than 100 years ago.Photo displaying the house(For illustration purposes only)

According to sources online, around 18th to 19th century a small family were found living in that island. Afterwards in around 1930, the family migrated out of the island to the mainland in search of a greener pasture.

The island is located south of Island and is fully exposed to elements, serves as a home for Puffin, endangered animal species which are hunted and unprotected.

Photo:(For illustrations purposes only) Src:Google Map.

The lonely house serves as a hunting lodge for teams of hunters enjoying the benefit of unillegal hunting of Puffin in the island. The house lacks some basic or essential things such as water, electricity connection and Tour companies only offers day trips for tourist. The house serves an historic scenic beauty of the island.Photo:(For Illustration purposes only) SRC:Google Maps

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