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Rare Zebra Photographed in Kenya Gains Global Attention

A resurfaced picture of a rare polka-doted zebra photographed in Kenya captured the attention of Kenyans, South Africans and US citizens on October 3. The picture was taken in 2019 at Masai Mara by Yasuyoshi Chiba and the foal name was Tira, a rare polka -dotted zebra standing close to it's mother.


According to another wildlife enthusiast, Tira's condition proved that Zebras are black with white stripes, a debate that has taken the wildlife years to answer. "Zebras are black with white stripes confirmed," posted Joshua Horne. After the photo was taken, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) told international press that the animal would not be accorded and special attention but would be allowed to live freely in the wild.

The KWS said that isolating the animal would be inhumane and Tira needed to be protected by one of its own. The National Geographic reported that Tira suffered from a condition known as pseudomelanism which causes abnormalities in zebra stripe patterns. As of 2022 the whereabouts of the zebra is yet to be known.

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