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Top 5 Strongest Animals In The World

All animals carry extraordinary levels of strength. Even the strongest of human beings could not match the strength animals have. However every animal carries different types of strengths. Some animal are smaller in size but larger in power. Our world is crawling with tons of strong animals. For this reason I decided to write this amazing article and share with you the great information about these five strongest animals in the world.

1. Tiger.

Tigers are known to be the strongest species of the cat herd. Ten types of Tigers are roaming around on our Earth. Tiger usually live in grasslands, swamps and rain forests in Southeast Asia. Out of tiger species the Siberian Tiger is known to be the most powerful. Tigers has deadly jaws and thirty teeth. It is easy to realise that tigers are flesh-tearing hunters. Tigers are so massive that they can even stand up to a Lion.

2. Eagles.

By the fact eagles can lift heavy weights, they are very strong birds. Their feet are very strong; they have huge pointy beaks and razor-sharp talons. Eagles can easily track down deers, wildcats and foxes. Eagles are such majestic birds and they carry the legacy of victory, powerful, and freedom. Eagles have wide and powerful wings and can fly up to 10,000 to 15,000 feet high. Eagles are those species of birds that can fly for five days without have to rest. Eagles have special connection with the storms ; they do not hesitate to fly in it. One of the most interesting facts about eagles is that they have perfection in vision. They can trace their prey with seconds.

3. Grizzling Bear.

The name sounds cute, but don't be baffled. Grizzling Bears are found in different parts of North Western Union of United States and Canada. They are not only huge but also very powerful. Their claws reach six inches; they have muscular hump and a large head. They have very sharp teeth and can be able to squash a bowling ball. Grizzling Bears are not easy to around, they will get annoyed and attack any creature that stands in their way. Grizzling Bears are also very proud are also very protective of the cabs and will attack the animals who pose a threat to them.

4. Oxen.

They are also called Bullock in other countries. Oxen are known to be a powerful and large strain of cattle. Oxen are usually, and they have been serving the earth as light air animals for a long period of time. Their bodies span is about 2 to 2.3 metres long and the weight of 640kgs. Oxen are very strong and can easily lift 800kgs of weight. Oxen do not pose any massive threats other animals or human beings. They are only helpful for carrying carts and plowing the fields. An ox is very powerful animal it can carry tons of weight for a long time. Oxen are very calm and gentle. They are offten quoted as a symbol of determination, stability and strength.

5. Gorilla.

Gorillas are commonly recognized for the certain amount of strength they possess, the weight of gorillas weigh 200kgs. Some part of the gorillas are like of human beings and gorillas have long and strong arms. Gorillas can carry the largest weights easily. Gorillas walk on their knuckles to support their weight. Gorillas are blessed with strength to swing one tree to another with the help of their arms. Gorillas tend to grow stronger with their knuckles-walking and swinging.

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