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Raising Of A Bull To Attain 600kg In six Months For Marketing

Cattles are market and slaughtered for meat when they have attained recommended weight. In European and American countries, animals are sold per live weight, therefore the more the weight the more expensive is the animal.

In Kenya, pricing is done through agreement between the farmer and the buyer or through brokers. But still quality like whether it is free from external parasites, body size and age is considered. Thus animals with big or large body size attract more customers and it price is also higher.

For animal to achieve high weight especially a bull, a proper management practices needs to be carried ot keenly with regular record keeping.

Farmers should carry the following management practices for bull to attain more than 600kg of weight;

1. Select a good breed of bull that can adapt well with the prevailing ecological condition of your area. For example, it should be drought resistance.

2. Provide the bulls with enough food and water daily. Supplement feeds like concentrates can also be included. Well fed animals utilize food nutrients for body development.

3. Parasites and diseases control; appropriate drugs should be use to treat the bull if sick while parasites can be controlled by dipping, spraying, deworming and drenching.

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