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Don't Buy Expensive Fish Cages Again, See The New And Cheap Method To Make Them(Photos).

The number of fish has decreased steadily over the years due to overfishing and use of unauthourized fishing nets that even trap very small fish. Many fish farmers around the lake region are turning into fish cage farming due to the great benefits that comes with it. The fish reared in fish cages are early maturing due to feeding programme and close monitoring. However,the price of fish cages are very expensive. This has made some people even abandon the idea of fish cage farming.

Fish Cages can be made cheaply locally using locally available materials. In this method, plastic drums,frame and strong fishing nets are needed.

The drums acts as the float. They are fixed on the metal frame that is cut and designed depending on the length and width of the fish cage required.

After fixing the drums on the frame,a net is attached below the frame to give a hollow surface above the frame from where the fingerlings will be reared.

With this,the fish cage has been formed and it can be taken to the water and anchored deep down to avoid it being swept by water. Heavy metals,weight is also added for support.

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