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Double Tragedy For Ruai Residents As Nature Poses Havoc; NMS Remains Silent

Sometimes we take everything good happening for granted. For Ruai residents life is not always as good as other Nairobi centers are. Since the National Metropolitan Services body took major functions of Nairobi city a lot has been done. In deed they deserve a node for that. For Ruai where we have the Dandora Water Treatment plant residents are suffering. Drainage and roads are out of human control. The sewerage plant has gotten a facelift but health hazards remain the same. Take a look at this photos to ascertain the real state of affairs.

The photos taken around Ruia Boys high school reflect most of the trenches. The residents have been complaining of impassable roads, sea of mosquitoes in their houses among many other related problems. The bushes all over and the stagnant water everywhere are the key reasons for the mosquitoes experienced. For most of the schools mosquito nets aren't a sure measure to combat this life-threatening parasites. Famous schools such as Ruai girls, Peusi, High mark girls, Gituamba are all still faced by this mayhem.

The residents have no one to help them solve the problem. But the truth be told, most of the dispensaries have been overwhelmed. The new Sunside Hotel and Guest House, renovation of largest sewage plant in African were a sure that new changes are coming. But oh no, nothing is yet to bring hope for the average netizens.

Having heard the cry of the residents, we wish the government to take a number of steps; Carry out a survey in all hospitals and schools to confirm this. Secondly, visit the area and check the roads especially from sewage towards Kamulu, Acacia road among others. Thirdly maintain the drainage trenches to prevent possible cholera and malaria. Kemri should also come in and help the residents.

Are you a resident within these areas of bypass, Kamulu or near any other sewerage plant in Nairobi! Share your sentiments.

Content created and supplied by: Dr.Biochem (via Opera News )

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