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Deer With Hair Growing In His Eyeball Discovered.

Nature can be very surprising sometimes as you can find a lot of strange things and animals with unique features. It’s true that we haven’t seen it all yet, and this time a journalist wrote about a dear that had hair growing in its eyeballs in Tennessee. 

According to the journalist, he had reported on a lot of weird deer before but this one was so unique due to its hairy eyeball. The deer was discovered in a busy street and it was not aware that it was surrounded by human, some officers caught it and took it to Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study Unit where it was discovered that the deer suffered from a condition called epizootic hemorrhagic disease.

Experts explained that the deer was not born with this condition but it developed it over time, this explains how it managed to survive despite being essentially blind. The hair eyes were corneal dermoids according to the report by SCWDS and Dr, Nicole Nemeth explained that dermoids are a type of chroristoma , which are defined as normal tissue in an abnormal location. They are also characterized by skin like tissue occurring on the body in a location other than the skin.

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Nicole Nemeth Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study


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