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Here Is the rare "Killer Lake" that claimed more 1700 lives at once

Lake Nyos is a lake found in North Western Cameroon. It sits on the flank of an extinct volcano. It is a crater lake, about 200 meters deep. On August 21, 1986, the world's most dangerous bubble formed in lake Nyos. On that day at around 9 pm, a cloudy mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water droplets rose violently from the lake and formed a very big bubble of the deadly gas. The bubble then exploded and the deadly gas spewed and blanketed nearby villages and adjacent valleys while most people were asleep. The suffocating gas killed approximately 1740 people and nearly 3500 livestock, birds and many more wild animals. This is a very rare natural disaster that occurred in the western african country. Since then, a disaster of this kind has not occured again but the lake is still considered by many experts as a potentially dangerous lake. This lake is both beloved and feared. It is beloved because of its beauty and also because it sits on ancestral land. It is feared because of this deadly disaster that occurred. To prevent future catastrophes like this one to occur, scientists from across the world rushed to the scene and agreed that the best solution was to install pipes to remove the gases from below the lake and allow the carbon dioxide to leak out in safe quantities.

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