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10 Things That Are Only Seen in China

The Chinese have different things that very unique. This makes them be different from the rest of the world. These are some of the things that are only seen in China.

Whole sharks and crocodiles for sale at Walmart

In China, people eat some parts of sharks and crocodiles. Chinese stores display these animals, thus selling them.

Police dogs replaced with geese

In some parts of China, Chinese police use geese instead of using dogs. According to Chinese police, geese have a bright excellent vision. Some of police admit that these birds have an aggressive behavior.

Liver crabs sold in vending machines

In some subway stations of Chinese stations have vending machines. The vending machines sale live crabs kept in plastic boxes.

Traffic jam stand ins

When you are in a traffic jam in China, you only need to call a help service. The help service will send you two people. One of the person will look after your car, while the other will accompany you home by carrying you on a motorbike. 


In China, teabucks have an image of the American Starbucks. These Chinese teahouses offer different kinds of tea, either hot or cold.

Companies hang nets around their buildings to prevent employee suicides

In China, buildings install protective nets outside. These nets prevent the employees from attempting suicide.

Canned air

The Asian nation has high smog levels. Due to this, Chinese stores sell bottles that have fresh air with several flavors.

Ghost cities

In China, housing market is very huge. This has resulted into establishment of ghost cities and malls in almost every part of the country.

A 270 million year old stone forest

As per now, this forest has more than 270 million years old. The forest is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

People wearing pajamas in public

In China, people like to move around the streets. Most of these times people wear their pajamas. 

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