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Bees Killed 63 Penguins in South Africa.

Penguins are endangered bird spacies found in the land of Africa specifically South Africa.According to South African biologists,the population of the endangered a African penguins are declining in the wild dew of variety of thren including oil spils.According to South African animals epecialists,factors driving the decline of African penguin population are sadly familiar such as overfishing and destruction of it's habitat.Commercial fishing has significant decrease the birds main prey and hungry parents often forced to leave their chicks and move away.The South African conservationists declared that penguin is at high risks of extinction.Reporting to opera,the swarm of bees Killed a bout sixty three endangered penguin near cape Town.Furthermore,the protected birds from a colony were also found with multiple be sting.David Robert,a clinical veterinarian with SANCCOB confirmed to AFP that bee around stings penguin's which were found a round.The marine biologist Dr Alison declared to opera that African penguin provoked the bees in the area which in turn causing mass flee and became aggressive.Penguins are importance in ecosystem.They are food source for sharks,leopards and seals.They are also predators to small fish such as omena.They are also good and therefore making us happy whenever we see them.

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