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Insects makes good part of diet in some parts of the world.

Eating insects may sound new or unusual to some in the West, it has been commonplace in cultures worldwide for centuries.

For example, many people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America depend on insects as part of their diets. In some cases, insects are even considered delicacies rather than just another source of vital nutrients.

The most commonly consumed insects around the world are beetles, caterpillars, bees, wasps, and ants. Ants specifically offer an environmentally friendly source of quality protein that may support heart health and combat oxidative stress.

Eating insects is a popular habit in some countries like China with more people eating insects on a daily basis.

This article tells you all there is to know about eating ants, including the benefits and potential downsides.

Thank you for reading this article please share with us your experiences with eating insects if you have ever eaten or you know of a place where people eats them.

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