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Cost Of 5,000 And 10,000 Litre Water Tanks

Hello guys, and welcome back again for another great article. Today we are. Going to check at the price of a 5000 and a 10000 litre tank in Kenyan Shillings. Stay tuned.

Before we check at the price, let's check some advantages. They are lighter than other material tanks. Thus they can be located at almost any place unlike the other tanks that are heavy.

They are corrosion resistant, unlike steel. Even stainless steel can rust in some circumstances. Concrete tanks can develop leakages that are difficult to control.

Plastic is lightweight and the least affected by potential chemical reactions with the stored water. However, the desirability goes down as the storage tank size goes up. Strength to cost ratios deteriorate.

If the water source is from many surface supplies such as lakes and rivers, the water may be acidic.

Either the water properties should be adjusted, or the surfaces of the tank wall should be coated with another material. Otherwise, steel, and then concrete get progressively cheaper as storage size goes up.

In Kenya, a 10000 litre tank costs ksh 70,000 upto 80,000 KSH, while a 5000 litre tank costs an average of 30,000 to 35,000 Kenya shillings. This will also depend on type and brand. Do you have a tank at home, comment below.


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