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Residents In Kerio Forced To Fight Over Wild Fruits With Animals

It is so devastating and heartbreaking that Kenyan families are forced to scramble for wild fruits with the animals they keep.

According to an interview by TV 47, residents from Kerio shared how hunger has continued to be a nightmare for them. They revealed that they have not harvested nor even planted any crops due to lack of rains in the area. They are still languishing in poverty and hunger. They are now pushed to eat wild fruits.

Goats have to eat the fruits and at the same time share it with human beings. The residents are now calling upon the government to intervene and save them from this problem.


Droughts are among the worst natural calamities that are being experienced in some parts of Kenya. The government should now intervene and ensure citizens have something to put in their stomach. We pray that the wish will be Received and acted upon.

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