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After more than 10 Years of Loneliness this Elephant Finally Found a New Home

No human being or just animals in general would love the idea of being lonely. Unfortunately, a lion by the name Kaavan had been given the name “worlds loneliest Elephant” due to captivity at a Pakistan zoo.

Kaavan was a gift to a Pakistani general’s daughter called Zain Zai where he was kept in a Sri Lanka orphanage and later transferred to Islamabad local zoo. He had another companion named Saheli but unfortunately she passed away after 22 years living kaavan all alone. Kavaan had lived for 30 years in this 

Conditions here were so poor so a movement and fundraisers were carried out online by an organization called Free the Wild, and was co-founded by the famous singer, Cher. The motion later reached Islamabad’s High Court and the plan to move Kaavan from the zoo was already in place. He was taken to a Cambodian sanctuary with the help of veterinarian Dr. Amir Khalil and his team

Kaavan was taken care of properly treated and fed. Many people were included in the whole process of freeing and transporting him, all of them understood how it was hard for him to live in this condition.

Kaavan arrived in Cambodia and his carte was blessed by Buddhist monks before going to shelter, he met some new friends to enjoy some time with. This show how life can be with the right attitude and good deeds. After a decade, Kaavan actually made contact with another elephant and you can clearly see from this picture how adorable they are

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