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Perfect Venture. How Much a Single Guinea Fowl Costs in Kenya Shillings and Price of Their Eggs

Unlike chickens, pigeons and ducks, guinea fowls have not been so common. The most interesting part of venturing in rearing guinea fowls is that no farmer has ever regretted opting for this practice. Guinea fowls are not purely domestic like hens. There are several other wild guinea fowls.

Rearing guinea fowls is not too expensive either. They only require constant monitoring, food and treatment. The high cost of a single guinea fowl is due to their scarcity and the nutritious value of their products.

Guinea fowls mainly feed on course grains which is readily available and does not cost much. Once hatched, it is advisable to separate young fowls from adult ones to protect them from getting injured in case of a stampede. A single egg of a guinea fowl costs from Ksh50 to Ksh200. On the other hand, a fully grown guinea fowl of a big size costs Ksh4,500. Medium-sized ones cost Ksh3,500 while the least goes for Ksh2,000.

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