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Safety accident


Environmental accident

It is through control of water pollution that life can be secure.

Water pollution is one of the embedding things in the world.

According to the world health organization report(WHO),over 3,575,000 people die from water related diseases.Among the people,2.2 million of the affected are children.This has greatly resulted to health challenge and human suffering.

Diseases that have badly costed people around the globe are due to water pollution.The disease include;diarrheal,thyphoid and cholera.Polluted water leads to formation of bacteria,parasites phosphates and radioactive substances.

The health sector has much spent it's time in catering for the lives of people due to controllable reactions.However, it is quite that increased risk in heart diseases, respiratory problems skin nose and throat irritation are due to water pollution.

It is only through human conduct that human health can be sustainable.Through practicing proper habits of water conservation and avoidance in pollution.Aquatic life is likely to be depleted due to human behavior on water.Huge reasoning is what is expected of humans.

To spare human and aquatic life,water pollution can be conserved through;cutting down chemicals and use of environmental friendly organic fertilizer and pesticides,planting more trees and minimizing usage of pesticides and herbicides .

Exposure of fumes and gravels to water bodies should not be something to highlight in pollution of water.Heights need to be built in order to sustain the friendly environment through water.

Over seventy percent of domestic use,water plays a vital role.Animals consume water in order to stay health and strong.In human beings water cools the body and also helps in digestion.Water cannot be used when polluted.It will much cost people's health.

Industries and factories have been attaining a tendency of polluting water.The menace will only be done away if the organizations dealing with conservation of water have come across the ones involved in pollution of water.National environmental management authority (NEMA)need to raise the aerials in ensuring that the rivers are clean secure and sustainable for both human and aquatic life.

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